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If you are looking to sail in uncrowded water where you are not swamped with other windsurfers and are happy in 12–20 knots (Beaufort 4-5) then Belize is heaven. It’s not really a high wind center, although it often gets winds of 20 plus. If you are looking for 20–30 knots everyday Belize is not for you.

The area primarily caters to beginners and intermediates. If you are just getting in the straps and practicing water starts/carve gybes this is the perfect place for you. There are also some great wave sites, although you will need to go with a local to find them.

Weather Condition

Belize is good for beginners all year round. It is very rare for there to have no breeze at all. Intermediates should look to November through to July.

For the advanced sailor, the most consistently windy time is February through June. In November, December and January the wind are often frontal with cold fronts sweeping down from the States and bringing 15-25 knot breezes for 3 to 4 days at a time. February through July gets the trades and thermals. We tend to get morning and afternoon breezes with a lunchtime lull.

Sailing Area

Ambergris Caye is dominated by the reef 2/3 mile offshore. This creates a large protected bay for sailing. The predominantly onshore/cross-onshore winds make this a reaching paradise. With an onshore wind, five-mile reaches are no problem. Just hook in, close the gap, and go!

The sailing area has 3 distinct sections:

  1. Close into the shore and piers we get some chop for your bump and jump kings.
  2. Close to the reef, it gets glassy smooth for the speedsters and those wanting to sail in peace.
  3. In the channels through the reef, we get the waves, often logo high in the windy season.

Beginners should be in the shallows to start with. That way, we can keep an eye out and help out whenever needed. Our instructors are always around to give advice and are always on hand to pull you back if you stray too far. For intermediates fighting with those pivot gybes, we can always give you a lift upwind in the rescue boat so you have a good downwinder to get them nailed.

Need Instruction? We’re Here to Help!

All instructions are given by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certified instructors qualified to teach beginners through to advanced. Lessons are adapted to the client according to ability.


We guarantee to get everyone up and sailing along in an hour. We teach you in the safety of our bay, an instructor is with you the whole time.


San Pedro is a perfect place to improve those skills. Whether its beach starts (easy to learn from our location) water starts, harness or strapwork, pivot or carve gybes we can teach you.

Full Course

Full courses are for those who really want to get their teeth into the sport. We use a combination of land and water based instruction together with videos. The 8-hour course is usually taken over a period of 2 days. We cater the course for you depending on your capability and what you want. We find this works well and is less regimented. Some people get on better by just practicing, others need to know more about the theory and mechanics to improve.

Interested in learning? Then, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!